’16’ Solo Album Out Now!

June 3, 2023

My debut album ‘16’ is out now! It’s the closest I’ve ever come to writing a concept album. It’s called 16 because that’s when the first really, really bad things started happening to me in life. From 16 to 19, there were a lot of very life-defining moments that happened to me, and that changed me,” he says. “That’s when I kind of lost my innocence and I started realising that life is serious and bad shit can happen. A lot of pretty drastic things happened within those three years. But this album is not only about the bad things. It’s also about some of the career-defining moments, like the moment I started playing with the band and began to find a community to belong to. Emotionally, I’m a bit of everything, so it covers the entire emotional spectrum!

Joining me on the album are Bent Knee’s Ben Levin, Agent Fresco’s Toti Gudnason, Raphael Weinroth-Browne, Magnus Børmark (best known as a member of Norwegian alt-folk troupe Gåte). Also featured are Ihsahn and Star Of Ash amongst many others! The album was mixed by Adam Noble (Placebo, Biffy Clyro, Nothing But Thieves) and mastered by Robin Schmidt (The 1975, Placebo, The Gaslight Anthem, etc.).

The full track-listing is as follows:
1. 16 (feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne)
2. Remember Me
3. A Beautiful Life
4. Where All The Twigs Broke (feat. Star Of Ash)
5. Metacognitive (feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne)
6. Home (feat. Ben Levin)
7. Blue Light (feat. Asger Mygind)
8. Grotto (feat. Magnus Børmark)
9. Splitting The Soul (feat. Ihsahn)
10. Over The Top
11. The Glass Is Empty (feat. Tóti Guðnason)

Buy/stream here: https://einarsolberg-artist.lnk.to/sixteen

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